Blackfoot Gypsies (from the album To the Top)

The sound of To the Top, the latest release from Blackfoot Gypsies, is feral. Using muse mentoring from deep Blues (“I’ve Got the Blues”) and the early traditions of Country music (“Velvet Low Down Blues”), Blackfoot Gypsies create a rock’n’roll backdrop for the songs that is as raw as it is real. The tunes crackle and sizzle, and clearly have no use for stop signs or speed limits as the beat keeps its foot on the gas pedal. The boys in the band prove their commitment as they patiently wait for love to return in “Can I Get a Warning”, ‘promising to pick up all the dishes and make the bed’ if they spy hope coming down the road.

Blackfoot Gypsies rattle the rhythms to shout out ‘do you want me’ on “Everybody’s Watching”, second line down Bourbon Street with “Back to New Orleans”, stomp a Bo Diddley beat for the “Gypsy Queen”, and relive the past with a chance meeting in “She Was Mine” as To the Top drops some psychedelia with “I Had a Vision” and freely admits wanting to climb up the ladder of success in “I Wanna Be Famous”.

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