Jason Eady (from the album Jason Eady)

To fulfill the sound of his own Roots, Jason Eady borrowed from multiple styles within the genre on his recent self-titled release. Jason sings to himself with on an easy Country Folk that matches the tire rhythms of a traveling troubadour (“Waiting to Shine”). Wishes become hard truths as Jason Eady drifts on dreamlike strums (“Where I’ve Been”), uses beats that slap like big fat drops of weather (“Rain”), and picks mountain music for the highway between Jackson and Memphis with “Drive”. Jason Eady once again puts Kevin Welch in the producer’s chair for another recording. Jason Eady gave a bit of the back story for the recording. Jason’s steel guitar is the only electric instrument on the album, and he shared that ‘at the beginning I told everyone I wanted to make a record where, if the power went out, we could still sit down and play all the songs the exact same way’.

The acoustic setting of the music lets the stories of Jason Eady take center stage. The warmth of his made-for-Country vocals lead the characters as they make their way across Southern highways to head west on “Why I Left Atlanta”, look for a second chance with “No Genie in This Bottle”, slow the beat to relive memories with “Not Too Loud”, and cherish a pardon as the prisoner embracing freedom in “Barabbas”. Jason Eady presents each track with an honesty to back the tales. In a career that began playing local bars at age fourteen, songwriting became important early on to the Jackson, Mississippi native. Jason recalls that ‘even back in my early days of getting into music, I always cared more about the writers than the singers. I’d look up who’d written a certain song, and then go seek out more songs from that writer’. “Black Jesus” tells a story of how partners on a chain gang trade musical heritage and hammer swings as Jason Eady closes out the album with a quiet testament on happiness with “40 Years”.

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