The Normal Living (from the album Signals)

Jersey City, New Jersey is the home to The Normal Living. Their recent release, Signals, plays as home turf for characters who claim America as home and heritage. The citizens of Signals define their country on tales of rebirth and reclamation of spirit as The Normal Living back their stories with Roots that stretches from girl group sounds of the 1960’s, through the rock’n’roll of Asbury Park Jersey neighbors, The E Street Band, and into the Americana hybrids of modern music days. The Normal Living kick the album off on a jangle of guitars and percussive rattles as the wear a “Violet Crown” on the opening cut, slash chords and stomp out a beat to walk “Country Mile”, drive “Into the Night” on a rumbling groove, and spend an “American Summer” touring trouble spots and political unrest across the U.S.A. Signals is the first full-length from The Normal Living, its title track moving into the album on the power of its pounding beats as the band head out for a midway stroll through a carnival.

The Normal Living sing to “Ophelia” on Vintage rock’n’roll beats and carve out a slice of darkness with chords strums and determined grooves on “Night’s So Good” as they unravel “Tomorrow” on rolling rhythms and hopes for a better day.

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