Bill Scorzari (from the album Through These Waves)

Bill Scorzari drifts into Through These Waves on a whispering reverie as he is transported back to the moment of waking. Guitar notes and rhythms are dripped onto the gauzy screen between sleep and a new day, as Bill Scorzari offers up “A Dream of You”. Through These Waves collects tunes in the same manner, snatching stories of confessions (“Loser at Heart”), admissions (“Shelter from the Wind”), and regrets (“For When I Didn’t See”) as a pilgrim (“Holy Man”) and a man exposed (“Hound Dog Diggin’”), Bill Scorzari is a New York City-based songwriter, telling tales and singing secrets that mirror the streets of his town…gritty, unforgiving, and continually in motion.

Through These Waves picks up the beat submit “A Brand New Deal”, signals an ending with “It’s Time”, and gently lets reality lap across its tracks with “Riptide” as Bill Scorzari picks out notes on his guitar to trace footsteps making an exit in “She Don’t Care About Auld Lang Syne”.

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