Vin Mott (from the album Quit the Women for the Blues)

Vin Mott has made his social life a little smaller yet expanded personal possibilities with his recent album release, Quit the Women for the Blues. It may seem extreme but the New Jersey Bluesman is comfortable in his choices. Vin Mott opens the album with the title track as he claims that he has “Quit the Women (for the Blues)”, and is happy to be done with fighting as he takes his 33 1/3 PRM records into an entire home that has become his man cave. Backed by Vin Mott’s Rhythm and Blues Band, Vin takes center stage on the release with raw Blues vocals and harmonica blasts. The band stand firm with demands (“Make Up Your Mind”), set goals (“I Wanna Get Rough with You”), and marinate contemporary human conditions in slow cooked Blues (“The Factory”).

Mixing in his own band’s take on 12-bar Blues, Vin Mott went to the work of musical mentor’s from Chicago and Memphis, tapping into the styles of artists such as James Cotton, Little Walter, Junior Parker, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf for his original songs Quit the Women for the Blues. Vin Mott grabs the microphone with white knuckles as he spits and snarls out his unhappiness with love lies in “Don’t You Make Me Laugh” as he admits to shortcomings and bumps in the road with “Living the Blues”, slides on the groove of “Ol’ Greasy Blues”, and ‘fesses up to what goes on in his mind on “I’m a Filthy Man”. Quit the Women for the Blues showcases Vin Mott’s Rhythm and Blues Band as they hop on a hot rail rhythm barreling along with clicking drum beats and slapped bass on “Freight Train” and cut a path with chopped chords accented with harmonica gymnastics in the instrumental “Hott Mott’s Theme”.

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