Kelly’s Lot (from the album Bitter Sweet)

Kelly Z caught the rock’n’roll bug in 1995 when she and her songs were backed by a band. Kelly realized ‘with age comes fearless confidence or maybe it was a little bit of life is too short’, singing of the promises she has made to herself and the advice she deliver with Kelly’s Lot on “Without a Song” from their recently released album, Bitter Sweet. Kelly’s Lot opens the album on a percussive rattle with “About Her”, strut out to ask for a little help with their Blues in “Mr. Chairman”, quietly drift on the audio clouds that cascade underneath “Sleep”, pound out a message in the soft Country Rock whisper of “Love is Hard to Catch”, and tenderly make a request on acoustic finger picking for “Come Home”.

Bitter Sweet weaves Rock’n’Roll around its Americana as it makes a pitch for “Happy”, urges to “Rise Above” standing on the Rock of a Gospel groove, and picks out “Thorn” on a Country sway as Kelly’s Lot stand “Proud” on the strength of the vocals of Kelly Z.

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