Mark Ripp and the Confessors (from the album Under the Circumstances)

Mark Ripp and the Confessors look out the window at the lives passing by in their recent release, Under the Circumstances. They question how to get through a day with a little dignity in “Gracefully”, cruise on a ragged rhythm with “Wishin’”, sneer at gentrification as the pass a “Shitty Little Cavalier” on the highway, admit “I Don’t Know” on slow rolling chords, and carry the heavy load of humanity with “I’m 99”. Under the Circumstances unites the characters walking the halls of song on the backbeat of Rock’n’Roll. Mark Ripp and the Confessors use three chords and the truth as a mantra to take aim on the economic issues and bewildering confusion of our times with electric guitar slashes and take-no-prisoner drumbeats.

Guitar jangle softens the hurt of “Two of a Kind” as Mark Ripp and the Confessors stomp with a thumping footfall rhythm trudging through “Wanna Go Home”, tenderly ask for love to “Stay the Night” on throbbing chords, and observe that “Everything is Made in China” over the stretched-out sparkle of electric guitar riffs.

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