Sallie Ford (from the album Soul Sick on Vanguard Records)

A healing occurred as Sallie Ford created the songs found on her recent release, Soul Sick. Sallie peels back layers of herself, fully baring emotions as she cries out ‘just hold me” (“Unraveling”), takes her own advice to break through over a raging rock’n’roll rhythm (“Loneliness is Power”), lets her imagination run free over the worst possible scenarios (“Romanticized Catastrophe”), and slashes an open an exit with sharp-edged guitar chords and biting organ notes to release pressure (“Get Out”). Sallie Ford pens her own prescriptions for Soul Sick, using defined examples of what will give her spirit relief. She hears Soul Sick as ‘a confessional album. It's about struggling with my issues - some that I've overcome and some that I still carry around. I felt confused, down about life and unsure of myself. On these new songs, it felt good to write on one theme and from one place. All in all, Soul Sick has taught me a lot about myself and helped me to heal’.

Winning that battle over demons helps Sallie Ford stay healthy on the album, any illness cured as she repackages her insides with the admissions of “Rapid Eyes”, recovers a sense of self over a vintage 1960’s girl group beat in “Screw Up”, embraces her place as “Middle Child” as she spits at sympathy for her plight, and lies in the dark surrounded by the jangle of guitar to face “Failure”. Sallie Ford finds an antidote to any malady in the beats of the rock’n’roll era, backing the stories of Soul Sick with audio elixirs of garage rock (“Hurt So Bad”) and touches of Surf music (“Never Gonna Please”) as she lets the needle stay in the groove for a full recovery (“Record on Repeat”).

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