Eric Barnett (from the album Shipwreck in a Bottle)

Eric Barnett viewed the closing of the factory where he had worked for thirteen years as a door opening for his songs. He gathered the tunes he had written about mid-western life and carried the stories of love and loss, uncertainty and frustration down the stairs to his basement, capturing the sentiments on Shipwreck in a Bottle, his latest release. The songs on the album mirror the blue-collar existence of Eric Barnett. The music in his head were born during his time as a third-shift factory worker, originally created on acoustic guitar and fleshed out with instrumentation on Shipwreck in a Bottle. Love letters (“Damned If We Do”) are balanced by the fatigue that is the result of long hours of labor needed to support a family (“Graveyard”). Shipwreck in a Bottle presents a “Country Resume” that makes a did and didn’t list for the dance of life, digs through “Ashes of Erie” to find to find resolve, and stands tall when faced with adversity in “Won’t Lie Down” as Eric Barnett toasts love with “Slow Sip of Whiskey”, and proudly claims his own worth in “I Am”.

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