The Harmed Brothers (from the album The Harmed Brothers available on Fluff and Gravy Records)

Over the course of their career, The Harmed Brothers have evolved from a duo of singer/songwriters into a band, staying on the road to let their songs enjoy the same transformations as they unfold in same the manner as the group. On their recent self-titled release, The Harmed Brothers blend new songs with older tracks that have followed them around through the dive bars and makeshift stages that have been the destinations of long hours on America’s highways. The Harmed Brothers blend scratchy chords strums and electric feedback to sonically reflect their changes to begin “A Lovely Conversation”. Firmly planted in the IndieGrass style the band hears in their music, The Harmed Brothers puts out a thumb, catching a ride on a wish for good days ahead for all travelers in “Adopt a Highway’. The boys in the band let in “Sunshine” on a sparse rhythm of piano and percussion, relate family history for a personal resume in “Cryin’ Shame”, and sway on a sad horn-fueled march for “Don’t Want to be Lonesome”.

The Harmed Brothers spend time picking at what makes relationships tick, using the songs for the do’s and don’ts as the have trouble finding footing with “In the Wind”, introduce “Elvis the Lion” on frenetic electric chord slashes, and let the story unravel on sonic cloudbursts to describe “A Life in Progress” as they pack it in to make an exit.

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