Samantha Fish (from the album Chills and Fever)

Summertime affects the Blues of Samantha Fish as she puts her top down, dials in the early days of hard rhythm and blues, and cruises the boulevard on Chills and Fever, her recent release. The album presents Samantha and her guitar as their own girl group as she is backed by a flurry of horns on album opener “He Did It” as she lets a late night moan escape her lips for “Either Way I Love”, struts out on a jittery bounce in “You’ll Never Change”, stirs some mad mojo in the pot with “It’s Your Voodoo Working”, and lets out a shout for the sharks circling her baby in “Somebody’s Always Trying”. Samantha Fish switched from sitting behind the drums to front and center on the stage with her guitar when she was fifteen years old. Late night crawls through Kansas City Blues clubs schooled her for a life in music. Samantha rattles and roars through Chills and Fever as she tells about her record collection remembering that ‘I listened to a lot of soul music, and I dug deep into people like Otis Redding and Ray Charles. I was also influenced by people like R.L. Burnside and North Mississippi’s Junior Kimbrough. It’s a lot less restrained style of music than the sound people may be used to hearing from me, but it’s definitely a different facet of my personality. It’s far more straight forward’.

Chills and Fever shimmies and shudders in on the title track, trips over a fast track rock’n’roll beat with “I’ll Come Running”, and whispers a sexy smooth “Hello Stranger” as Samantha Fish ramps up some Blues boogie for “Crow Jane”.

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