Erisa Rei (from the album Glass Jar)

The Soul in the vocals of Erisa Rei cruises over the Americana rhythms of her music on her recent release, Glass Jar. A solid backbeat supports Erisa Rei’s claim that she is “Not Too Proud” as Glass Jar wraps warm organ chords around the tender confessions of “Don’t Fade Away” and struts out a groove to ride under the lyric spit of “Say I Can”. Erisa Rei is a multi-tasker as the singer/songwriter balances the release and recording of Glass Jar with homeschooling her five children. Glass Jar stretches out on a slow funk rising up on opening cut “Morning Glory”.

Erisa Rei whispers her wishes on “Open Skies”, slowly heats up the leisurely rhythm of “Each New Summertime”, and bounces a vocal delivery to match the bubbling beat percolating in the title track.

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