Chip Taylor (from the album A Song I Can Live With)

Chip Taylor has made stream-of-consciousness into an art form. His recent album, A Song I Can Live With, continues the same songwriting process on the album, backing his words with stellar playing that manifests in a hushed whisper equal to the vocals of Chip Taylor. A Song I Can Live With was given birth on two continents, the recording taking place in Chip’s Train Wreck Studios in Mamaroneck, New Jersey and crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Norway home of co-producer Goran Grini for added musical backing at Grini Studios. The songwriting style was fleshed out by Chip Taylor who shared that ‘as are most of my songs, all the songs in this album are stream-of-consciousness-based. In other words, I didn’t plan on writing anything in particular. In each instance, I picked up my guitar and at some point words and music flowed that gave me some sort of a chill that inspired me to continue…mainly to find out, as a listener, what I was talking about. With many of these songs, I didn’t grasp a meaning until late in the writing process. With some, their meaning changes for me from day to day. With the exception of a few, these songs were written during an inspired period of a few months. “A Song I Can Live With” and “Little Angel Wings” were written at the last moment’.

Chip Taylor travels to Southern California, transforming his personal story into a bigger picture as he opens up “Los Alamitos Story” with the tale of John Cooper. The relaxed style of Chip Taylor hitches a ride on a Caribbean breeze for “Save Your Blues and Your Money”, takes a walk through a misty Manhattan morning in “New York in Between”, paints real-time colors into an old snapshot with “Young Brooks Flowed Forever”, and adds a light Latin touch to “Senorita Falling Down”. Defining Chip Taylor solely by the early hits he penned such as “Wild Thing” and “Angel of the Morning” puts his songwriting mastery onto one page of a book that spans decades. His words and music crossed genre lines in the 1960’s with his tracks recorded by Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Jimi Hendrix, and Dusty Springfield among others. After his own albums made a mark in the 1970’s, Chip Taylor left the music business to pursue professional gambling in 1980. He returned to recording in 1996 and has continued with a steady stream of releases, including duo albums with Carrie Rodriquez, John Platania, and John Prine. A Song I Can Live With drapes a Country arm over its title track as Chip Taylor sings a love song to his wife in “Joan Joan Joan”, walks into the cold East River wind for a workout with “Until It Hurts”, lightly plucks notes to send out long-lost love for Pearl in “Crazy Girl”, and sighs “Whisper Amen” on a murmur of notes.

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