Dead Soldiers (from the album The Great Emptiness)

Dead Soldiers embrace styles and themes on their recent release, The Great Emptiness. Hints of Blues, Soul, Bluegrass, and Country can be heard in the mix of the songs as the Memphis, Tennessee-based band touches on universal topics of politics, society, and a wide range of human emotions. What separates The Great Emptiness from the work of other bands it the raw electricity that Dead Soldiers hardwire into every note on the album. The songs on the album are an attack with Dead Soldiers facing death with determination (“When I Die”) as they weigh in on current events (“Prophets of Doom”), the narrow opinions confined within church walls (“Old Time Religion”), the judgments of the corporate America (“White Color Blues”), and observations on city life (“Teddy Bears”).

Memphis, Tennessee has a rich musical history. As a crossroad of cultures and sounds, the city is the bridge between Rock and Soul. Dead Soldiers benefit from the traditions as they drink from the deep well of innovation that is the legacy of the musicians who came before rather than bowing at the altar of any particular format. The Great Emptiness shares its feeling on the outside world though the fingers that point remember to dig deep into the heart and souls on the inside as well. They view the course of humanity through the ages while seeking a personal path into a better way with “Still Climbing the Mountain”. Dead Soldiers find the balance between ego and arrogance in “The Smartest Man in the World” and forego a walk down easy street to choose tough when handing over “A Little Love” as The Great Emptiness sways on a southern breeze to introduce a Tennessee maid on a mission with “Georgia Tann”.

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