Kent Rose featuring Chris Casello (from the album All That American Night)

His heroes are the cowboy troubadours who headed into the sunset after their 1950/1960 heydays, with those influences giving the songs of Kent Rose on All That American Night a vintage sound. Kent calls himself The Voice That Remembers as he makes his way through the Country Rock’n’Roll of the Rock era. Artists like Buddy Holly (“If You Dig It”), Roy Orbison (“Pretty World of Make Believe”), Marty Robbins (“Workingman’s Hands”), Ricky Nelson (“When the Sadness”, and Hank Williams (“Tonight That Lover Ain’t Me”) can be heard on the tracks of All That American Night. Looking closely at the US Cellular TV ad a few years ago would have given you a glimpse of Kent Rose as the snappily dressed cowboy shilling for the phone company. If you missed the image, you can hear Kent as the guitar-toting crooner as he heads into ‘another honky tonk in another lonesome town” on the title track. Kent Rose shuffles in on a percussive rattle asking “Why You Wanna” and watches the wiggle of a pair of “Jungle Jaguar Pants” on a cha-cha beat as All That American Night scares away the ghosts with persistent guitar strums on “This House Gets Lonesome”.

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