Amilia K Spicer (from the album Wow and Flutter)

Americana tours west coast highways on Wow and Flutter, the recent release from Amilia K Spicer. From farmlands to the mountains, from the stark sand landscape of the deserts to the salt air sand of the beaches, Amilia K Spicer stiches the sound of California Country into each note on Wow and Flutter. As temperatures drop, the cold desert night touches “Windchill” with an icy breath, scratchy banjo chords gallop like horses on an open prairie across “Fill Me Up”, the metallic taste of an incoming storm is savored with “Shine” rail clicks mark the rhythms of “Train Wreck”. Amilia K Spicer gently guides the songs of Wow and Flutter as they cruise on easy west coast grooves.

Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Amilia K Spicer erases the miles between the small town of her upbringing and the big city of her adopted home as she points out that no matter how far you travel, you never leave your neighborhood with “This Town”, and nods to her father’s Kentucky birthplace in “Harlan”. Produced by Amilia K Spicer, with co-production credits for Steve McCormick, Wow and Flutter features Amilia on multiple instruments, with guitar help from Tony Gilkyson and Gurf Morlix as well as Petra Haden (violin), Tom Freund (bass), Rami Jaffe (Hammond B3), and Eric Heywood (pedal steel guitar) among others. Wow and Flutter saddles up “Wild Horses” with gentle strums, channels “Lightning” to spark up romance, fires “Shotgun” for a dream of the Serengeti, and follows rambling piano notes through “Down to the Bone” as Amilia K Spicer offers hang-on-tight advice on a determined beat with “What I’m Saying” and rattles out a message of love with “Shake It Off”.

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