David Olney (from the album Don’t Try to Fight It)

A constant for David Olney is change. The Nashville, Tennessee-based songman is a musical chameleon on his album releases. For his recent release, Don’t Try to Fight It, David Olney took his song production out of his homebase, drawing back the curtain of the Great White North to stage his songs. Don’t Try to Fight It was recorded at The Big Muddy Recording Studio in Carleton Place, Ontario with Brock Zeman in the producers chair. Using a musical backing of Canadian players, David Olney relates tales that have a cinematic feel. The stories are intricate and though the colors and moods of the tunes are vivid, the words of the narrators are, at times, unreliable. The ability to find the truth in the tales is left to the listeners to see the facts inside the fantasies conjured by the words of David Olney.

An audio kaleidoscope gives the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole on the title track as David Olney spits out the lines that link our choices. Strict rhythmic borders and sharp angles order the groove for “Crack in the Wall” and hard footfalls are the beat that pace between prison walls for the caged man in “If They Ever Let Me Out”. Don’t Try to Fight It circles the midway of life as “Ferris Wheel” spins its tale as the album heads into the “Big Top (Tornado)”, introducing the eccentric citizens that people the greatest show on earth. David reaches into deep pockets that are filled with the personalities that walk the halls of his songs as he shakes out “Sweet Sugaree”. David Olney reads headlines from “Yesterday’s News” on a spring breeze beat, tenderly voices memories in “Evermore”, and edges “Situation” on an eerily pounding rhythm to mirror the danger of its story as Don’t Try to Fight It dances with an “Innocent Heart” on a Tex Mex sway.

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