Pi Jacobs (from the album A Little Blue on Travianna Records)

Pi Jacobs is a Folk singer, collecting tales and turning pages on very personal pieces of her life on her recent release, A Little Blue. Her lineage can be traced back to the early 1960’s Folk era, where truth was the duo partner for solo acts that took to stages, city parks, and street corners with just a guitar. The difference lies in the decades between, the times that have changed the words of folksingers rebelling against the constrictions of society, offering rally cries that would lead in the fight for equal rights, and the freedom to choose. Pi Jacobs shares the honesty, and champions by relating how she has conquered the same issues. The examples are the songs on A Little Blue. Pi Jacobs is the child raised by a single mom in “When My Father is Gone” as she tells the tale of an absent dad who was never around for aby big events as she faces the realization that he will leave the earth in the same way he disappeared from her life. A Little Blue watches the world change in the San Francisco summer of love, and sees it fade like the flowers in “The Moment”, observes colors blend in the shared troubles of a “Purple State”, and takes a sip from a glass half-full in “Good Things”.

The words of Pi Jacobs can be raw, and tough to hear, and though the telling and baring of a soul can be sensitive, Pi never plays the part of a victim. She is the main character as an observer, witnessing her life without judgments as she spins her experiences in songs. She tenderly picks out notes, wearily disclosing an ending as she hears the clock ticking loudly on life for “Halfway Done”, embraces a ‘big bad world’ with tough choices in “Faking It”, and strums up a beat that can help shake off responsibilities and rage on “Dance Clean”. A Little Blue faces fact as it tells the truth in “She Don’t Love You That Way”, and calls a truce to let “All Love” fill up hearts as Pi Jacobs stays faithful to her muse and her love with “We Always Come Home”.

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