Buzz Cason (from the album Passion)

Sixty years into a recording career, Buzz Cason still shows his Passion on his recent release. The album pieces together stepping stones from his musical path in solo work as well as a songwriter with tunes covered by artists spanning decades (Carl Carlton, Arthur Alexander, The Beatles, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, U2, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pearl Jam). Buzz Cason owns his “Passion” on the title track as he pledges commitment to the things that light him up and spark emotion as the album stomps out a marching rock’n’roll rhythm for “Walkin’”, slows its stride with “We Soldiered On”, and recalls the past in “Just as Gone”.

Nashville, Tennessee met Buzz Cason when he formed Music City’s first rock’n’roll band, The Casuals, who became the back-up band for Brenda Lee. Passion continues the rock’n’roll journey on its album cuts with tracks such as “Escape” and “Like a Dog” as Buzz Cason wonders “Will You Love Me?” over a rhythm rumble, conjures up a front porch with Country Folk acoustics with “The Ballad of Berry Hill”, and makes promises on “That’s the Way It Is”.

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