Donna Lynn Caskey (from the album The Love Still Shows)

A strict path is formed by Donna Lynn Caskey’s clawhammer-style banjo for The Love Still Shows, her recent release. The picking frames vocals that speak of a universal understanding of her fellow humans. Against sepia-toned songs with timeless themes, 'Banjo Gal' Donna Lynn Caskey lifts spirits in her topical tales. In album opener, Donna Lynn pines for the song ‘buried inside of me’, patiently waiting for her voice to “Break Free”. The Love Still Shows displays big love for a furry presence with “Angel of a Cat”, stands true to beliefs in “It Ain’t Personal”, and lays bets on hearts changing course with “Odds Are for Beating” as Donna Lynn Caskey comforts “My Blessed Child” with tender acapella vocals.

The foundation for The Love Still Shows bases its music on the banjo work of Donna Lynn Caskey adding fiddle swoops to “The Book, viola on “Look at Me”, and a heartbeat pound of percussion to “I Am Willing/Down by the Riverside”. Ventura, California-based Donna Lynn Caskey uses the title track to show longevity in the simplicity of commitment to prove “The Love Still Shows”. The burden of vanity is crushed under the supportive wisdom that flows through “Beauty Queen” as Donna Lynn Caskey quietly ends The Love Still Shows with graceful strums letting go with the love that flows through the album with “The Time is Here”.

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