Rebecca Loebe (from the album Blink)

The message of a mixtape is a memory and a muse for Rebecca Loebe in Blink, her recent album release. She turns pages back in “Forever Young Forever” as she throws a blanket out on a first date, recalls college years, and shops at a big box store for ‘records they don’t make no more’ while her recollections blend like a perfect seque between songs. Rebecca Loebe can trace the genesis for Blink back to a radio song she heard, one she had placed on many of her college year mixtapes. She recalled that ‘suddenly I was transported back in time to the summer I was seventeen. Before I got home, I’d written “Forever Young Forever”, and the rest of the songs that would make up Blink started spilling out’. The tunes that fell through the creative opening see Rebecca Loebe watching “Smoke Signals” on the rumble of a rhythm, searching for “Easy Money” on whispery Country beats, seeking closure for a relationship in the wandering piano melody of “Lie”, and putting together the puzzle of youth with interlocking “Bad Things”.

Playing between 150 to 200 gigs a year keep Rebecca and home at a distance though she still puts effort into growing a garden in her new base in Austin, Texas where she recently relocated from her hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. A decade of touring and living the life of a musician found Rebecca at odds with traditional tax structuring and when the I.R.S. demanded an audit, she found songwriting her only safe haven. She beat the house by representing herself and with the government off her back offers her writing results on Blink, guiding the dreamlike rhythms of the title track with finger-snap clicks. Rebecca Loebe fires a “Cannonball” through the various masks that women wear, percolates a pulsing beat barreling through “Down to the Wire”, and quietly strums support for the crushed life in “Weeping Willow” as Blink sinks deep into a slow sway n the lush Country flow of “Say So”.

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