Annie Moscow (from the album Passing Trains)

Annie Moscow catches the world in her eyes as she looks through the window of Passing Trains, her recent release. Using a Folk music backdrop of guitar and piano, Annie tells her tales on the album, snapping pictures of the humanity traveling by with snippet of phrases that flesh out her characters. An NYC artist is drawn by her words as Annie Moscow sets the stage of “He Paints Cats’ in Washington Square Park, giving the homeless painter a life that could be envied in its freedom by her description of his survival techniques. Passing Trains hears the rattle of rails amid rolling piano and haunting melodies in the title track as it watches its characters as moving targets while “Back Again” smiles at memories and gets in line with a worldwide community seeking “What Everybody Else Wants”.

Annie Moscow paints a desert scene with peaceful tranquility in the reverie of “Sometimes I Think of You” as she sticks a bouncing beat underneath the fading love story in “Teflon” Man”, spills details in the sparkling flow of notes from “It’s Like Water”, and watches others pair up as she sits alone at a table for one in “Someone to Walk with Me”. Annie Moscow strums stories as she captures universal topics shared in both the small towns and big cities glimpsed from Passing Trains as years fall like the unrealized dreams in “Someday” as she borrows a familiar character from The Kinks’ Ray Davies to share a cherry cola with “Lola”.

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