Brian Johannesen (from the album Northern Town)

Returning to Iowa City, Iowa from Nashville, Tennessee, the songs of Brian Johannesen musically touch the sound of the south and the easy strums of his midwest home. Northern Town is the recent release from Brian Johannesen and the album adds to its musical heritage with characters that match the origins its sound. Piano and guitar notes flicker around “Kingdoms” as Brian Johannesen guides the tale with true-believer vocals, proudly claiming the crown for “Customer of the Month” as he lists his likes, orders “Two Hot Dogs and a Coke” to be a cure-all for bad days, and picks out notes that wiggle like a “Cottonmouth”. Stories and sound get filed under Americana on Northern Town as Brian Johannesen lightly picks out guitar notes that sparkle and shine to lead “Easier” back home.

Northern Town pounds out a beat for “Long Legged-Woman and Rock’n’Roll”, utters bad deeds on dark rhythms in “Ross County”, and rattles out a honky tonk tale of good times in “Cascade Mountain Nights” while Brian Johannesen builds a structure for the title track on a groove as determined as the flesh and blood character basking in the glow of the northern lights.

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