Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen (from the album Lay These Weapons Down)

Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen departed from the Indie Folk territory of their debut to head in a sonic landscape that opened their Indie nature to a wider world for the second album release, Lay These Weapons Down. The four-piece (Rebecca Rego, Matt Yeates, Eric Fitts, Cory Ponton) enlisted players and production team to partner in the overall soundscape as they entered Earth Analog Studio in Tolono, Illinois to record. Armed with songs the band had created with the help of Reginald Chapman (No BS! Brass Band), who added horn parts to the Folk Rock of the band. Rebecca Rego lined the tracks with themes of the heart, building the sound in album opener “Steamroller” like the layers of personal pain of loss that carved out the walls of the story line. Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen base “The Worst Part About Being Right” on a rumble of percussion and guitar notes as horns bursts provide accents, realize that the good parts in the loss of a relationship are not as easy to recall as “The Work It Used to Take” over melodies edged in mystery, and float “Rodeo” on ethereal rhythmic audio clouds and ghostly piano noodlings.

The Champaign, Illinois-based band stands as witnesses in the center of the opposing forces of love and hate on Lay These Weapons Down. Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen question reasons (“Cruel”), remorse (“I Wish I Was Missing You More”), results (“Just the Same Mess”, and resolve (“The Truth Will Kill You”). Lay These Weapons Down lets the wheels turn back to the past as the title track rages on a rush of Rock’n’Roll as Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen slow the heartbeat of the song to stillness as they ask “Could I have Loved You Better” and make a commitment in the just-in-case exit plans of “Drag Me Out of Here”.

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