Mike Younger (from the album Little Folks Like You and Me)

Life and love for both a personal and worldwide view are the subjects for the songs of Mike Younger on his recent release, Little Folks Like You and Me. He opens up his heart in “The Living Daylights”, tackling environmental issues with “Poisoned Rivers” and the problems that face cultures around the globe on “What Kind of World”. Mike Younger is a Nashville, Tennessee-based musician, staying close to home to record Little Folks Like You and Me at Music City’s Studio G with local guitar man Bob Britt (Leon Russell, Bob Dylan, Delbert McClinton, John Fogerty) as producer. Mike Younger brings in a cast of characters for the album, taking audio snapshots of everyday lives, traveling alongside people on the road (“Drifter’s Lament”), traipsing with the lonely footsteps of big city streets (“Walk in the Mud”), and wrangling a Country twang into universal love story (“With Every Heartbeat”).

The skin in the stories of Mike Younger touches all lives, his words unify and stand in solidarity with men and women no matter what path their feet are walking, bridging the distance between two hearts or among the masses who stand together in defiance. Little Folks Like You and Me tells a tale of dreamers setting out and coming to a fork in the road in the heartfelt “How to Tell a Friend Goodbye” and sits at home to imagine a life on the road with “If I Was Wheel” as Mike Younger shares the story of a “Rodeo Queen” and makes up for the shortcomings of his feet with the love in his heart in “Never Was a Dancer”.

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