Andy T Band featuring Alabama Mike (from the album Double Strike)

The west coast meets the third coast as Nashville, Tennessee-based Andy T Band puts San Francisco singer Alabama Mike behind the microphone for Double Strike, their recent release. Double Strike buries itself in the Blues as “Deep Inside” professes mutual affection. The album struts out on staccato horn pops to look for reminders of past love in “Somebody Like You”, rolls out a persistent rhythm accented by Andy T’s guitar notes admitting “I Feel So Bad”, and slows the groove to give it up its heart for “Juanita”. Andy T Band featuring Alabama Mike welcome the Bay Area Bluesman in for his debut with the band, their fourth release as a group. Nick Nixon, the former singer for Andy T Band, steps in for tracks on Double Strike, tenderly offering an emotional “Sweet Thing” while the band takes a turn with an instrumental run slipping into “Mudslide”. Andy T produced the album with Texas guitar man Anson Funderburgh, who guests on the album with his six-string. Double Strike swaggers into opening cut “I Want You Bad” and percolates the beat with the patter of percussion underneath “Drunk or Sober” as Andy T Band featuring Alabama Mike find themselves in second place as they exit love with “I Was Gonna Leave You”, and wonder “Where Did It All Go Wrong” on rolling Blues riffs.

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