Pokey LaFarge (from the album Manic Revelations on New Rounder Records)

If insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results, Pokey LaFarge is the sanest man on earth. He sees what is not working and can clearly visualize the prize so that when his feet hit the floor for each new step towards a goal, a different path will be taken. Pokey LaFarge is looking for ‘a good woman and family of your own’ and he is willing to make changes when the harmony prods him along asking ‘better man, don’t you wanna be a better man” in “Better Man Than Me”. The latest Pokey LaFarge album release, Manic Revelations, has “Bad Dreams” on thick, wobbly guitar leads, comforting horns, and a marching beat while “Silent Movie” screens its images on rumbling strums of rolling rhythms, pockets a “Good Luck Charm” to get back on solid ground, and makes plans for a getaway on a mysterious melody in “Going to the Country”.

By his own admission, Pokey LaFarge is constantly ‘reshuffling the deck’ to make sense of the trouble that comes his way as well as to understand the trouble he has made. He uses pen and paper to show the hand he is dealt, making his bets on the words and music he makes on Manic Revelations. Wearing a wardrobe that lands somewhere between a businessman and a janitor, Pokey LaFarge heads to New Zealand on a bouncing beat in “Wellington”, reads aloud headlines from the morning newspaper in “Riot in the Streets”, and wrangles with relationship woes with “Must Be a Reason”. Manic Revelations goes back the Jazz-era birthed in Pokey LaFarge’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to back the ways to be a woman in “Mother Nature” as Pokey shuffles his feet to the beat and vows “I Will Never Change”.

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