Goldrush (from the E.P. Reach High)

In 1974, Goldrush were a long-haired Country Rock Bluegrass band. Goldrush added electric guitars to the instrumentation, along the lines of peers such as The Dillards, post-Byrds Gene Clark, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. The songs Reach High match their peers with the five members (Bob Lucas, Brian Lappin, Nell Levin, John Orie Stith and Tim Duran), pushing the envelope of string band and country music. For many years, the recording session for Reach High was lost. Forty-three years later Mark Hood, who engineered the original sessions, found the tapes in his basement. Mark searched for the equipment to decode the music and remastered the songs to modern standards. Goldrush has a new release, nearly five decades after they entered the studio, with Reach High.

The E.P. soars on a Goldrush version of Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”, from Dylan’s 1967 release, John Wesley Harding. The rattle of Roots percolates like it was brewed this morning on album opener “These Old Blues” and steps lightly to the sound on the instrumental “Silver Bells”. Reach High begins a ride on a slow groove in “90 Miles an Hour” before the tune propels forward and steadfastly picks out notes for “Heel and Toe Pokey” as Goldrush reference the E.P. title as they advise to embrace every day as life rushes by with “Reach High with Your Light”.

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