Frank Migliorelli and the Dirt Nappers (from the album Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs)

Frank Migliorelli is a traditionalist, keeping the musical theme for his latest release with The Dirt Nappers simple with the title Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs. The marquee title is reflective of the path Frank Migliorelli takes to get to the songs on the album. The tracks follow a structure that leads along a musical course of Folk, Rock’n’Roll, and Soul. The rhythms are easy as soft strums and hushed beats become the first dance for a chance meeting on the “Rafferty Train” as a straightforward shuffle plays for the two shadows spinning across “Rockin’ in the Moonlight”, a quiet Country whisper mixes with the dreamlike melody swirling in “Someone Else’s Dream”, and the guitar note soundtrack is the only sparkle left for “Former Femme Fatales and Romeos” as the credits slowly roll for their lives.

The musical life of Frank Migliorelli had beginnings as a composer, creating music for advertising campaigns and video projects as well as providing a soundtrack for a younger audience with children’s content. For the past decade, Frank Migliorelli has focused his recording output on his own material, recording with The Dirt Nappers at his own Rave On Studios to back his singer/songwriter tunes. Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs is audio snapshots of the band’s work as it pumps money in the jukebox for “Baby Put a Dress On”, brightens the day for “Handful of Rain” with a rock’n’roll shimmer as it struts down the street on a determined beat and guitar jangle with “When She’s Walking by Your Side”. Frank Miglirelli and the Dirt Nappers get it all right with Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs as they rev up the musical engines and turn up the volume for the lady reeling and rocking through “Wound Up Woman”.

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