Lillie Mae (from the album Forever and Then Some)

The thanks that Lillie Mae offers in the album credits on her Third Man Records debut album, Forever and Then Some, are as musical as everything that surrounds the Nashville, Tennessee-based musician. She gives a nod to her boss, and album producer, label owner Jack White, who recorded the album at Third Man Studios. Lillie Mae has lots gratitude to the players as well, and the folks that helped her arrange and create the songs on Forever and Then Some. The credits for the album mirror the sounds of Forever and Then Some as it ups the ante for simply providing words and music by infusing a joy into each song. The recognition she gives to her musical family for years of support and belief receives a soundtrack that matches her words as Forever and Then Some shares the experiences of Lillie Mae as she lists a history of decisions that almost happened alongside the choices she made in “Honky Tonks and Taverns”

Her fiddle is a major player on Forever and Then Some as Lillie Mae picks up other instruments to add the accents for the album. The melody sparkles as Lillie Mae makes a request for a little understanding while admitting that good things have some curves with “To Go Wrong”. Forever and Then Some sets a determined pace as love walks with its head held high before turning away in “These Days” while “Over the Hills and Through the Woods” puts a revolving door into a heart as a rumble of rhythms makes claims of “Honest and True” and the beat quiets for “Nearing Home”. Organ notes bubble as Lillie Mae hangs on to the rubbery groove that wiggles through “Dance to the Beat of My Own Drum” and admits that a planet full of water still falls short to “Wash Me Clean” from the dust of the past.

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