Midtown Social (from the album Midtown Social)

The Golden State is proud of its California Country which gets a lot of love though it is not the only west coast style that gets branded with its state name. Bay Area collective Midtown Social deliver California Soul on the recent self-titled release, mixing Funk, Rock’n’Roll, and Soul into one badass boogie. Midtown Social kicks in with a touch of second line drumming to pave the way for the band to shout out “It’s Alright” as it eases future hurdles for good people sucked into the seduction of bad love. The nine-piece band provide an old-school Soul show with horn blasts, call and response harmonies, the patter of percussion, keyboards, bass line backbone, and the tease of guitar licks and funky chord chops. Midtown Social lays down a disco groove as it dances to the “Socialite Boogie”, struts downtown on a cool rhythm for “Saturday”, slaps some flesh to show moves on “Soul Clap”, and bumps on a beat that lets love know that anytime is the right time on “Calltweetbeep”.

There is a mission to the message of Midtown Social. The San Francisco-based band is here to push the needle into positive as homelessness and evictions soar due to the technology-driven gentrification in the City by the Bay. Midtown Social smooths out the beat to see “Magic” in the bodies grooving to the band. The rat-a-tat-tat of a conga drum and guitar notes weave and wobble as “I Can Change” inspires to transform from the norm as Midtown Social bounces (“See About Me”), rumbles (“Straighty”), rises (“Woke), and falls (“Mellow Down”).

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