Euferzine (from the album Where Did the Time Go)

A clock tower strikes to announce “The Bell Tolls” as Euferzine uses the signal to begin her recent double album effort, Where Did the Time Go. Euferzine searches the sky, watching as stars burn out while time cascades down the years on the track, life spinning through cycles in the story line. Where Did the Time Go stretches out within tempos of its songs, slowly letting the tunes open. Euferzine sings a soul into a long sleep, gently guiding life from one phase and into another with “Merciful Hand of the Lord” and unapologetically wears the gun of an “Outlaw”, owning the truths in her hard decisions. Where Did the Time Go wanders in a dreamlike wilderness of Native American memories for its title track. Euferzine lightly trips over sparkling piano notes and a thumped bass beat to reach “Mountain Top”, falls under the spell of a smile in “Reluctant Lover Man”, and peels back layers of a slow-moving rhythm for “I Will Trust You”.

Family history has always been an important part of Euferzine. Her name is a tribute to her grandmother, a woman whose memory haunts Euferzine. She gives her grandmother a voice in her music as she relates several centuries of family history on Where Did the Time Go. Euferzine did not set out to make a concept recording as the songs began to appear for her double disc release. She recalled that ‘one of my co-writers, Jon Conley, gave me the idea. I had been writing a few songs that were obviously not about me. I wasn’t really sure what had inspired them. It’s almost as if the songs showed up and then I began to discover the backstories behind the songs. The individual stories were fresh and together they told an over-arching narrative about my family over the last 400 years. I have been interested in genealogy since I saw “Roots” for the first time. I had not thought of cross-pollinating that hobby with songwriting. The songs that kept showing up, wanted to be heard. They knew something that I didn’t know. They revealed secrets to me and led me to uncover forgotten family history’. Her mind drifts back through the mists of time as strings sparkle for “I Wonder Where You Are" while Euferzine structures “Borderless” with strict heartbeat lines of rhythm, climbs aboard “Train” with a satchel full of mountain music, and strums a “Mournful Melody”, while Where Did the Time Go ends with the glory seeking shine of “When I Rise”.

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