Southern Avenue (from the album Southern Avenue)

Following Southern Avenue as it winds through Memphis, Tennessee taking local travelers from the easternmost part of the city directly to the door of Soulsville, the original home of Stax Records. The five-piece band from the same city, Southern Avenue, follow a similar path in song on their self-titled debut, recently released through hometown label, Stax Records. Southern Avenue features Memphis-born sisters, Tierinii (vocals) and Tikyra (drums) Jackson, Israeli-born Ori Naftaly (guitar), Daniel McKee (bass), and Jeremy Powell (keyboards), a graduate of the Stax Music Academy. Southern Avenue plugs into classic Soul grooves while contemporizing the style with a 2017 take on the genre by a young band that mixes in Gospel, Blues, and Rock’n’Roll traditions. Southern Avenue takes a look at love as it gives it heart over in “Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in Love”, relies on a relationship for stability in the staccato patterns of “Gonna Be Alright”, and kisses off a mistake on the hard-edged street beats and horn blasts in “No Time to Love”.

Musically, Southern Avenue draw a line between the heyday of Soul music right into today without giving their sound a retro tag. The Vintage rhythms are matched with the story lines on Southern Avenue as the tunes attaches themselves to current causes as the band urges to stand firm on album opener “Don’t Give Up”, and seeks salvation in Gospel Soul as “Peace Will Come” raises its voices for unity. Southern Avenue have no need for hyphens to define their music, foregoing neo- and modern- intros as they band slides solidly into Soul Music. Southern Avenue mixes its up as the album makes room for jazzy rock strums and rhythms with “Wildflower” and feels the vibration as it throws up its hands with wild beats and finger-pointing in “Rumble” as Southern Avenue matches the tire slaps on the highway with pounding percussion as the albums feels the Blues with “80 Miles from Memphis”.

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