Tas Cru (from the album Simmered and Stewed on Vizztone Records)

Tas Cru is “Tired of Bluesmen Cryin’”, drawing a line in the sand and counting his blessing with rowdy Blues on the tune from his recent release, Simmered and Stewed. Tas Cru blasts out of upstate New York with his sweetly irreverent take on the Blues. He rumbles rhythms about a love for his baby’s “Biscuit”, leads a weaving “Road to My Obsession” as he heads down 28 North to ply his trade, rapid fires a groove as he roars into “Dat Maybe”, and slows to greet the new day facing a lonely highway with “Time and Time”.

Tas Cru backs the stories of Simmered and Stewed with resonator, cigar box, and acoustic guitars, barreling into the raw beat of “Grizzle ‘N Bone” as he slides and rolls to make a request on “Woman Won’t You Love Me”, catches the words of “Feel I’m Falling” in a tangle of guitar notes, and re-makes Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher” in acoustic Blues.

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