Joanna Connor (from the album Six String Stories) - Joanna Connor promises to ‘bring you down a little’ as she introduces her version of Elmore James’ “The Sky is Crying”, the tune caught and captured live on Six String Stories, her latest release. The words are born in the Blues, rescued by the riffs right before they break apart with pain. The ability of Joanna’s guitar playing to pull back from the edge is a constant on the album….it is searing, paint peeling, sky writing fretwork from the guitar of Joanna Connor. Six String Stories is the first album release from the Chicago artist in fourteen years. Joanna Connor picks up the beat immediately after her recording hiatus, returning to MC Records to offer her take on Gospel as she heads into ”Heaven” while thick muddy rhythms surface in “Swamp Swim”, notes tap to the click of heels heading down “Halsted Street”, and chords are touched with Jazz inflection as she recites “Young Girl Blues”.

Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, Joanna Connor made her way west to carve out a spot in the world of Blues as part of the Chicago scene with a sassy presence and fiery guitar playing. She is joined by longtime bandmate and bass man Marion Lance, co-writer on the album’s eight originals. Love spirals out of control as its roller coasters up and down around life, chronicling the journey in song on Six String Stories. Accenting her words with snarling guitar licks, Joanna Connor spits out “We Stayed Together” while she vows to stay “By Your Side” and nails the news to the wall with pounding Blues as Six String Stories grabs the Rock’n’Roll crown with “It’s a Woman’s Way”.

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