Greta Gaines (from the album Tumbleweed)

On the title track from her recent release, Greta Gaines uses the theme of rolling as “Tumbleweed” moves as an audio example of how life is in constant motion. Good advice as well as a perfect show-and-tell for Great Gaines who has lived a Tumbleweed existence. She was the first Women’s Extreme Snowboarding Champion in 1992, a win that jettisoned Greta into the wide world of sports, hosting festivals, events, and programs for both MTV and ESPN. Recorded in her home-base of Nashville, Tennessee, Great Gaines uses Tumbleweed as storytelling with a message, experiential wisdom on taking steps for personal freedom and relating action items for how to elicit change on a world level.

Thick guitar riffs meander through “Leo for Real” as Greta Gaines tells a historical tale for “Sweet William”, shows a wrestling match between muses and madness with “Begin Again”, whispers “Heal Me” over soft strums and a ticking clock while tire wheels hitting blacktop match the scratchy chords underneath “Only Lonely”. Greta Gaines advocates for 420 reform with “Light It Up”, urging to take a stand against archaic marijuana laws on a tune that will donate 100% of download sales to NORML, Patients Out of Time, and Tennessee United.

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