Kasey Chambers (from the album Dragonfly)

Kasey Chambers follows the success of her 2014 recording, Bittersweet, by doubling up her musical attack with a two-disc set in Dragonfly, her recent album release. Kasey Chambers looks to the cut “Ain’t No Little Girl” as the guiding light for Dragonfly. It was the first song written for the album and became a beacon for its theme. Friends acquired over a two-decade long career stopped by the recordings in Dragonfly with Keith Urban (“If We Has a Child”), Ed Sheeran (“Satellite”), Foy Vance (“Romeo & Juliet”), Vika and Linda Bull (“No Ordinary Man”), and Grizzlee Train (“The Devil’s Wheel”) stepping up to the microphone. Australian musical wonder, Paul Kelly, is the producer for one disc (Sing Sing Sessions) on Dragonfly bordering the production credits for Kasey’s brother, Nash Chambers, as he helms the second disc (Foggy Mountain Sessions). Kasey Chambers was as happy with the producers as she was with the recording of Dragonfly, recalling that ‘working with Paul Kelly as my producer on one side of the double album Dragonfly was a dream come true. Paul brought out a while new side of me, but then I got to enjoy the comforts of recording with the person who knows and has shaped my original sound better than anyone, my brother Nash, along with my live touring band who have become a huge part of my sound. This double album shows who I am as much as any piece of work I have ever done’.

Kasey Chambers offers an audio-biography onto the Paul Kelly produced portion of Dragonfly as she relates a personal history in “Talkin’ Baby Blues”. The Sing Sing Sessions erupts on the jangle of banjo strings over angular beats for an ancient Roman history lesson in “Pompeii”, uses gently swaying rhythm to lay down on “Summer Pillow”, raises up ghosts on the rumbling Folk of “Jonestown”, shakes out salvation on the rattle of “Golden Rails”, and vows “This is Gonna Be a Long Year” as it voices opinions on a determined chord struts. Turning to the second course of Dragonfly Kasey’s voice opens the Foggy Mountain Sessions disc with her solo voice, joined in a harmony that blends over percussive chord slashes. Audio clouds rise above “If I Died” as Kasey Chambers raises her vocals up to match its power while Dragonfly tells the tale of “Annabelle”, caffeinates a beat to ride under the confessions of the title track, and closes out the album with a cocktail bar take of the tune that sparked its muse with “Ain’t No Little Girl (FM Lounger version)”. 

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