Gillian Welch (from the album Boots No.1, The Official Revival Bootleg)

The credit goes to the open road as much as to Gillian Welch (and Dave Rawlings) for her recent release, Boots No. 1, The Official Revival Bootleg. While driving from her day job at the Lyric Springs Country Inn back home to Nashville, Tennessee, Gillian Welch was listening to a tape of The Stanley Brothers. She began writing a song that The Stanley’s might do, formulating the tune in her head during the morning commute to work, finetuning during the day, and finishing by her return back home to Nashville. The song. “Orphan Girl”, changed her life, and musical style. Gillian Welch began to perform the song at open mic nights with her musical partner, Dave Rawlings. The pair met while attending Berklee College of Music and relocated within weeks of each other to Nashville after leaving the Boston musical institute. While contemporary songwriters were aiming for the top of the charts, Gillian Welch followed a different muse for the magic of her songs, knowing that ‘I wanted a song you couldn't tell which year it was from. Those were the songs I loved’.

Gillian Welch arrived in Music City in 1992, releasing her debut, Revival, in 1996. Boots No.1 celebrates the twenty-year anniversary of Revival with songs recorded prior to, and during the sessions that produced the Grammy nominated release. Two discs offer twenty-one outtakes, alternate and demo versions of the songs on the album as well as eight previously unheard cuts. Boots No.1, The Official Revival Bootleg presents new music from Gillian Welch, twenty-plus years after their inception, offering keepers that did not make the original listing with outtakes “455 Rocket” and “I Don’t Want to Go Downtown” and home demos such as “Acony Bell”. Gillian Welch and Dave Rawling have become cornerstone examples of what to do right in Roots as well as foundations for the Americana movement. Boots No.1, the Official Revival Bootleg puts on a “Red Clay Halo” on an album outtake (which later appeared on 2001’s Time, (The Revelator)), demo “Dry Town” (recorded by Miranda Lambert, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), and familiar tunes that did not make the original release (“That Old Time Religion”).

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