Lazarus (from the album Rock’n’Roll Heart)

Many are called and few answer. Lazarus audibly heeds and reacts with a holler and a growl on his debut album, Rock’n’Roll Heart. Though Lazarus Nichols has long been a contented man, he found that music was an itch that could only be scratched by playing and performing. He soundtracks ‘the call’ he received on the opening track for Rock’n’Roll Heart as Lazarus reveals the story behind the song with “Rise”, chronicling the conversation between the man, the maker, and the music. The beat of rock’n’roll propels the title track as Lazarus sails a sea shanty in dark Country with “Loathsome Shadows”, follows the patter of percussion to dance around gypsy rhythms in “Promise Not to Tell”, carves Reggae into Folk with “Small Axe”, and tells a story of sorrow using only guitar and fiddle to fill “Shit and Shame”.

After a stint in the Libby Koch Band in 2016, Laz entered the studio with multi-instrumentalist and producer Kris Brown to record Rock’n’Roll Heart in Austin, Texas. Preaching the gospel according to Laz, Rock’n’Roll Heart tells a tale of biblical betrayal and lust in Sin City starring Billy Jack and Belinda with “Diggin’ a Hole”. Lazarus brightens as he draws close to the promised land of Austin in “Makin’ Good Time”, strolls through “Gonna Be Okay” with a Bourbon Street strut, and quiets the playing to a reverential hush to hear the voices dialing in from ‘2,000 light years from home’ in “Come Again in Glory”.

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