Beth Hart (from the album Fire on the Floor)

A snare snap, cool piano riffs, and a count of 1,2,3 draw the stage curtains open for Fire on the Floor as Beth Hart finds the center spotlight to describe the backdrop of the recent release with “Jazz Man”. The tune opens Fire on the Floor, Beth introducing the players (‘every hound in the band’s gotta sound’), their groove (‘they run it down like a cat in a hole’), and how they make it happen (‘the bass pocket is tight, the trumpet’s blinding the light’). Beth Hart leads with the class of a true leader, giving all the credit to the ensemble at her back in Fire on the Floor and making it all sound so easy as she purrs ‘that’s the way they do it, that’s the way they roll’. Jazzy Blues is on the menu for every song that Beth Hart serves in Fire on the Floor. She growls and spits as she is choking in a love hold on the title track, scans the horizon for some good times with a bad boy with “Love Gangster”, takes a hit on the caffeinated tempo of “Baby Shot Me Down”, and grinds the message of “Love is a Lie” into the ground with a pounding stomp of rhythms.

The recording for Fire on the Floor raged like an inferno with sixteen tracks captured and burned in three days as producer Oliver Leber backed Beth with A-list musicians such as Waddy Watchel (guitar), Rick Marotta (drums), Michael Landau (guitar), and Ivan Neville (organ) among others. Beth Hart wears the skin of a rock’n’roll torch singer, seducing with a sip of “Coca Cola” on an ephemeral arrangement, wistfully confessing the trials of her road years in “No Place Like Home”, and standing proud as the tears flow with “Good Day to Cry”. Fire on the Floor sizzles and shakes as it watches Beth Hart coax in pleasure with an enticing shimmy in “Let’s Get Together”, and tenderly hang memories on a wall of dreams with “Pictures in a Frame”.

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