Tim Easton (from the album American Fork on Last Chance Records)

Tim Easton has a mission with American Fork, his recent release. Lyrically, the album challenges listeners to jump in line and leave apathy on the couch back at home. Musically, American Fork offers options in the path of modern music, Tim sharing that ‘I am a fan of the change-up pitch. My aim is to provide a fork in the somewhat predictable Americana format’. Tim Easton sways on an easy groove as he issues an audio call-to-arms with “Killing Floor”, speaks from the future as he whispers wisdom into album opener “Right Before Your Own Eyes”, and takes a swipe at the music business in “Gatekeeper”, backing the track with a 12-string guitar tunes played in a Lead Belly tuning.

Tim Easton takes a more feral stance on American Fork, letting the album spit and snarl on electric riffs and rolls as he gives a nod to the power of Bluesman “Elmore James” and his ability to rock a room on a single groove. Before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, Tim Easton went north to Alaska to set up camp, and he remembers past times in the Land of the Midnight Sun as American Fork makes a bar crawl through the northern territory with “Alaskan Bars Part 1” while he gives flesh to characters from his travels in “Now vs. Now”, and sparks a slow fire with the light of a “Burning Star” as the night sky looks down on an after-hours parking lot.

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