Brent Cobb (from the album Shine on Rainy Day on Low Country Sound)

Write what you know is the advice given to songwriters looking for a way into their tunes. Brent Cobb did not follow the adage as much as find himself on the inside of the phrase when he was writing for his debut album, the recently released Shine on Rainy Day. Brent comes from a small town, and his home is the backdrop for the stories found on Shine on Rainy Day. He sings of being “Country Bound”, comfortable yet all alone in big city crowds ‘where the people all say Hi, and where the stars fill the sky’. Brent Cobb hails from Ellavile, Georgia (population 1,609). Blue-collar values that include treating others like you would like to be treated, a place on earth where friends are family. Shiny on Rainy Day is his debut, produced by cousin and fellow Georgia native, Dave Cobb, who put the album out on his Low Country Sound label.

Brent Cobb has made an album rooted in the South and its deep musical heritage. He tags the sound with Country Folk on the title track, swamp-edged grooves in “Let the Rain Come Down”, Blue-eyed Soul with “Down in the Gulley”, and front porch blues for “Black Crow”. Brent Cobb headed to Nashville to record, writing the album track “Solving Problems” on a balcony overlooking Music Row to stamp Shine on Rainy Day with a souvenir of his travels. The music of Brent Cobb heads back to Georgia to talk about home with “South of Atlanta”, recalls a time growing up when life seemed perfect in “The World”, and pens a story with Tennessee in his rear-view mirror on “Traveling Poor Boy”. Brent Cobb strikes radio gold on Shine on Rainy Day with a tune that sticks to your ears as it watches a lovable guy admitting his mistakes with a big old grin in his words with “Diggin’ Holes”.

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