The farm of Alabama artist, Butch Anthony, is the background for the new video from The Secret Sisters. The song, “Tennessee River Runs Low”, is from the upcoming (June 9, 2017) album ,You Don’t Know Me Anymore, the first release from The Secret Sisters in three years.

Hopping in their vintage ride, Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally dial in a Country radio station and hit the road with the title track from their recent release. The pair partner in the front seat, and in the vocals, for “Baby, Let’s Take the Long Way Home”.

Carrie Elkin is upfront with her needs and up in the balcony alongside Danny Schmidt in the video for her tune “Crying Out”. Husband Danny becomes the harmony in the song, captured on the Garage Video Sessions for a track from the recent Carrie Elkin release, The Penny Collector.

The Mae Trio offer a listen to a cut from their new album, Take Care Take Cover. The band filmed in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and wrote “Well Enough Alone” in response to male music scene judgment on their female group. The Mae Trio decide to not ‘take crap from anyone’ in the song.

Brooklyn-based guitar man, Rench, draws a line from the Song of the South to the streets of South Central with music he dubs Ganstagrass. For the video of “Mugshot”, Rench tells the tale of getting hassled by the law as he shows the hustle of his sock monkey crew.