Hymn for Her (from the album Drive ‘Til You Die) - Breaking up the recording process for Drive ‘Til You Die between two separate locations and producers fits right into the way of life that Hymn for Her live day to day. The recent release offers five tracks recorded in Nashville at Sputnik Studios by Vance Powell (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jack White). The Tennessee recordings account for the fiery blast of sound on Drive ‘Til You Die while the softer tracks were captured on audio by Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Let’s Active) in his Kernersville, North Carolina studio. Spontaneity is the decision maker for the couple (Lucy and Wayne) and their daughter as the trio travel North American highways. Hymn for Her live in their 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer, towed by a Ford van that has logged close to a half million miles on the odometer.  Drive ‘Til You Die is the mantra hanging from the rearview mirror Hymn for Her, the goal that wakes them every morning and puts them to sleep at night. The album offers three cuts to the road, particularly the wheels that take the Hymn for Her family from town to town. The album opens with a punch as Hymn for Her board “Devil's Train” while “Hi Ho Silver” speaks directly to the hitching and unhitching of the Airstream, the lyrics taken from how-to notes for the process. Drive ‘Til You Die closes out with the audio pedal to the floor in “The Road Song”.

Hymn for Her have the power of heavy metal onstage and in their recordings… a neat trick given that there are only two musicians responsible for the majority of the sound as Wayne holds down the roles of guitarist and drummer while Lucy complements with her cigar-box bass. Drive ‘Til You Die adds some instruments to the duo’s arsenal though the roar that rises from the tracks is all Hymn for Her, like in pounding beat that moves “Shine” forward . Tenderness is in the balance on the album as the band trip lightly over “Onebig achinheart” as Hymn for Her are joined in harmony by their eight year-old daughter as well as 102 year-old Aunt Lee. Thick guitar notes rise and fall like the ocean to support “Sea of Croatia”, acoustic strums play tag with power chords heading across “Paraguay” as banjo and guitar notes spark to light “Acetylene”. Hymn for Her slowly spin on a dance floor memory as “Mazzy Star” counts down mile markers as Drive ‘Til You Die heads into the next sunset.

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