The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 30, 2016 visits upcoming August and September releases to feature new music from John Paul White (8-19-16), and John McEuen (9-3-16). Jamestown Revival announce their new album with “Love is a Burden” for a fall release, and Sharon Jones (8-19-16) is the subject of a new documentary film, and on the Top Ten to remind the world “I’m Still Here”. Latin artists pay tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival with Quiero Creedence, with Los Lonely Boys creating a psychedesized “Born on the Bayou”. The Great Divide sits up at number one advising “There is a Fire”, Doolin’ sing of a “Galway Girl”, Massy Anderson head to “Santa Fe”, and the Kings of Lowertown do a swamp crawl on electric overload with “Blues Haul (Piano and Bourbon Mix)”. Paul Kelly and William Shakespeare close out the chart with “Sonnet 138” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 30, 2016.

01 There is a Fire – National Park Radio (from the album The Great Divide on Edgewater Music Group) - There an urgency that breeds excitement in the music of National Park Radio that puts them at number one on the chart this week. Their debut album, The Great Divide, showcases the words of vocalist, Stefan Szabo, as he loudly supports and encourages exploration with “There is a Fire”.

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02 I'm Still Here - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (from the soundtrack Miss Sharon Jones available on August 18, 2016 on Daptone Records) - The new documentary Miss Sharon Jones details the life of the lady in the title. She tells the story out through her main gig as front woman for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings with “I’m Still Here” from the upcoming (8-19-16) release of film soundtrack.

Listen and buy “I'm Still Here” - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings from AMAZON and iTunes

03 What's So - John Paul White (from the album Beulah available on August 19, 2016) - John Paul White counts to four marking the difference between what should be and “What’s So” from his upcoming (8-19-16) solo release. The tune is a reminder for the former member of The Civil Wars that he ‘was always taught the value of remembering where you’re from…working hard and being driven was respectable, as long as you didn't think your successes made you any different than anyone else’.

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04 Excitable Boy - John McEuen (from the album Made in Brooklyn available on September 30, 2016) - John McEuen fires up a Hootenanny jamboree to brighten the dark tale of Warren Zevon’s “Excitable Boy”.  John McEuen goes solo, stepping away from tenure in Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for his upcoming album, Made in Brooklyn, available on September 30, 2016.

Listen and buy “Excitable Boy” by John McEuen from AMAZON or iTunes available 9-30-16

05 Born On The Bayou - Los Lonely Boys (from the album Quiero Creedence on Concord Records) - A swamp resume remembers its Blues heritage as Los Lonely Boys re-focus the dark light coming through the thick trees with a psychedelic lens. “Born on the Bayou” is found on the recently released, Quiero Creedence, a collection of Latin artists covering Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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06 Love is a Burden - Jamestown Revival (from the album The Education of a Wandering Man available fall 2016 on Universal Records) - Jamestown Revival are giving The Education of a Wandering Man a fall release. The duo offer some experiential advice with “Love is a Burden”, the single release from the upcoming album.

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07 Santa Fe- Massy Ferguson (from the album Run It Right into the Wall) - Massy Ferguson grab their band name from a farm equipment company, and dial their sound in from 1980’s Alt Country as they Run It Right into the Wall on their latest album release. The Seattle, Washington-based band are as proud of their Rock as they are of their Country, turning both up loud so you can hear the pride as the head to “Santa Fe” on a track from the album.

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08 The Galway Girl - Doolin' (from the album Doolin’ on Compass Records) - Recording their Celtic sound in Nashville, Tennessee is a natural match for Doolin’ and it gives the natural energy of the band an added blast from Music City on their self-titled release. Doolin’ are a French band giving their hearts to the traditional tune “The Galway Girl’ with Alison Brown and John Doyle.

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09 Blues Haul (Piano and Bourbon Mix) - Kings Of Lowertown (from the album Mississippi Flood) - Kings of Lowertown have a double-sided single release with “Blue Haul” crawling over the Blues to get into the Top Ten. Dirty Blues fills the track to overflow on the aptly dubbed ‘piano and bourbon mix’.

Listen and buy “Blues Haul (Piano and Bourbon Mix)” by Kings of Lowertown from Bandcamp

10 Sonnet 138 - Paul Kelly (from the album Seven Sonnets and Song) - Paul Kelly adds another gem into his long-term career crown as he takes the words of William Shakespeare and hangs them out on fractured film noir grooves.  “Sonnet 138” shows a couple who are perfectly matched for mutual deception. The track can be found on Paul Kelly’s recent release, Seven Sonnets and Song .

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