Jaime Michaels (from the album Once Upon a Different Time) - Twenty years into a career, Jaime Michaels release album number ten, Once Upon a Different Time. No age shows on his playing as Jaime infuses the album’s original tracks with the same energy that has allowed a man and a guitar to have a full time gig several deacdes after first stepping onto a stage. Jaime Michaels turns back the clock to the dated term ‘hippies’ to name characters that still find problems with a modern world, giving the issues a voice in “Warming” as he casts out notes that trip and patter as they wrap arms around the life in “Circling Around”. Once Upon a Different Time quietly wonders why complaints still rise from a good life in “No Paddle Wheel”, turns up “The Heat” on a gentle winter’s day in Southern California, paints romance onto an audio canvas with “Somewhere like Italy”, and acts as a guide to describe the natural beauty of the earth in the title track. A lot has changed in the decades  hat Jaime Michaels has been singing and playing for worldwide audiences yet at the end of the day, not much has changed at all as the musician finds he is still “Singing for My Supper’.

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