Kalyn Fay (from the album Bible Belt on Horton Records) - The Oklahoma Room was the hot ticket for Folk Alliance 2016. Kalyn Fay was one of Tulsa talents that played, and played, and played throughout the weekend.  The musicians mixed and mingled, backing one another and stepping to center stage as needed. The sound that Kalyn presents on her recent Horton Records release, Bible Belt, once again showcases the music of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and its family of musicians. Kalyn Fay passes over her stories with an easy vocal, her voice landing on the music bed to tease the tales by stretching out the notes to the edge of the rhythms. Bible Belt whispers secrets in its title track as Kalyn sings of childhood, still calling home a place she has left behind long ago.

The stories are conversations, Kalyn Fay seeming to inhabit both the present and past with the same spirit as she seeks the truth in “The Fight”, finds a fan of Classic Country Kings and Queens in the middle of nowhere in “ Middlegate Station”, seduces tales from a “Spotted Bird” on rumbling beats and freckled notes as she relates “The Plan” on hushed rhythms and quiet fears. The life around her comes alive in the slow sway of her songs. She is the sound track of native soil in “Oklahoma”, as she sings from the perspective of her native heritage in a Cherokee tribe. Kalyn Fay shares her love in the one-on-one requests of “Wherever I Feel Right”, and opens her heart to include for her current home in OK’s Green Country as Bible Belt slows the beat to keep time with “Tulsa”.

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