Diana Rein (from the album Long Road) - Diana Rein lets her Blues evolve on Long Road, her recent release. It is the form of the genre that tunes her guitar, letting chords carve deep gashes into the emotion of the tracks and setting the notes free to wrap around the guilt of desire (“Wicked”), burn of betrayal (Down Down Down”), and welcome a triumphant return (“Come Back Home”). Born in Romania and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Diana Rein brings history and natural ability into play for Long Road, her second album release. The album is less a vehicle to show-off chops, more a way for Diana to give it back to the music that pulls her up and out of bed, sets her feet in the right direction, and creates the crown for fans to dub her a Six String Siren.

Diana Rein was three years old when she left in Romania with her family, arriving in Chicago on Halloween night. Fairy tales give children sweet dreams though for a young Diana, her sleeping hours were granted a muse through the songs of rock band Cinderella. The seeds of music were planted though acting became her first art with a recurring role in the Home Alone move series. Several years passed before Diana Rein began writing her own songs, the catalyst a failed attempt of a recording excursion to Nashville and studio time singing the songs of other writers. Long Road begins its journey on the title track as Diana follows a Pied Piper bass line into the before letting her guitar push forward with a tasteful force not over-exaggerated flash.  Long Road pounds down a path for Diana Rein to walk with confidence to own her new role of “Rebel with a Cause” as the album rolls rhythms in “Done Me Dirty”, picks up the pace to scoot through “Green Light” and into the night, and raises the bar through the roof with “Wild One”.

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