The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, May 21, 2016, starts off with a toast from Hot Buttered Rum, as the San Francisco, CA-based band reminds of childhood dreams and the “Great Many Things” ahead on a track from their recently-released The Kite and the Key, Pt. 3. New Orleans, Louisiana musician and producer, Eric Lindell, sweetly sings about “The Good Times” while Diana Rein defines “Livin’ Loud” on a cut from her recent release, Long Road. The Posies brings a three-decade career into a new album (Solid State), and are on the Top Ten putting contest into content with “Squirrel vs Snake”. Ryan Shupe proposes “Just Say Yes”, Ana Tivel crosses over “Rainbows and Ridges” as Jeff White is “Climbin’ Up the Mountain”,   Speedbuggy try to get back home to “Bakersfield”, and Albert Castiglia wonders “What the Hell Was I Thinking”. Hidden Agenda Deluxe have another reminder with “Don’t Forget to Leave” as The Netherlands-based band helps us exit the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, May 21, 2016.

01 Great Many Things - Hot Buttered Rum (from the album The Kite and the Key, Pt. 3)

Hot Buttered Rum go from ‘when I was a little bitty boy’ to a ‘great big man’ on the intro to “Great Many Things”. The track explodes when the band lets loose, and can be found on the final release for the San Francisco, CA-based band’s trilogy, The Kite and the Key, Pt. 3.

Listen and buy “Great Many Things” by Hot Buttered Rum from AMAZON or iTunes

02 The Good Times - Eric Lindell (from the album Matters of the Heart) - Eric Lindell uses a thick guitar line as the bouncing ball for a sing-a-long and shout-out to “The Good Times”. His voice is Soulfully Blue as the New Orleans, Louisiana-based musician/producer rambles down Crescent City streets shuffling through Matters of the Heart on his recent release.

Listen and buy “The Good Times” by Eric Lindell from AMAZON or iTunes

03 Livin' Loud - Diana Rein (from the album Long Road) - The road to being crowned ‘Six String Siren’ by her fans, took Diana Rein from birth in Romania to a youth spent growing up in Chicago, Illinois. She packs both guitar and voice, turning them up loud as she heads out on Long Road, her latest release.

Listen and buy “Livin' Loud” by Diana Rein from AMAZON or iTunes

04 Just Say Yes - Ryan Shupe (from the album We Rode On due in 2016) - A little bit of Jazz in the vocals and a little bit of Roots in the fiddle back a whole lotta sunshine as Ryan Shupe pops the question in “Just Say Yes”. The new single is from his upcoming release, We Rode On.

Listen and buy “Just Say Yes” by Ryan Shupe from AMAZON or iTunes available in 2016

05 Squirrel vs. Snake - The Posies (from the album Solid State) - The Posies stuck out with bright Indie jangle and Roots music drive when they began playing the Seattle, Washington music scene in the 1990’s. The band have been re-shaping their sound over a three-decade career and return with a new release, Solid State, bringing jangle with a bite as they snap at the status quo.

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06 Rainbows and Ridges - Anna Tivel (from the album Heroes Waking Up on Fluff and Gravy Records) - Anna Tivel strums background for her observations as reverie in “Rainbows and Ridges”. The tune is from her recent release, Heroes Waking Up)

Listen and buy “Rainbows and Ridges” by Anna Tivel from AMAZON or iTunes

07 What the Hell Was I Thinking - Albert Castiglia (from the album Big Dog on Ruf Records) - Not much is sticking to the mind of Albert Castiglia as he hugs the porcelain goddess. One thought is waving its hand as Albert wonders “What the Hell Was I Thinking” on a track from his recent release, Big Dog.

Listen and buy “What the Hell Was I Thinking” by Albert Catiglia from AMAZON and iTunes

08 Climbin' Up the Mountain - Jeff White (from the album Right Beside You) - To get a better idea of why Jeff White is called a ‘musician’s musician’ look to the liner notes on his recent release, Right Beside You. Jeff offers a tune by Tim O’Brien as he is joined by A-list backing on “Climbin’ Up a Mountain” including Jerry Douglas on dobro and Vince Gill on mandolin and harmony vocals.

Listen and buy “Climbin' Up the Mountain” by Jeff White from AMAZON or iTunes

09 Bakersfield - Speedbuggy (from the album South of Bakersfield) - Speedbuggy are looking down the highway at a long road from LA to “Bakersfield”. Too long to walk, even when they close enough as they land in the last honky tonk, about forty miles in South of Bakersfield, their recent release.

Listen and buy “Bakersfield” by Speedbuggy from AMAZON or iTunes

10 Don't Forget to Leave - Hidden Agenda Deluxe (from the album Pan Alley Fever) - A Western wind blows through The Netherlands inside the music of Hidden Agenda Deluxe. The magic of the tune, and its telling, is how the track so sweetly sings a kiss off. The tune is from the Dutch band’s recent release, Pan Alley Fever.

Listen and buy “Don't Forget to Leave” by Hidden Agenda Deluxe from AMAZON or iTunes

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