The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 30, 2016, welcomes the return of The Jayhawks with their recent album release, Paging Mr. Proust, and a track in the top spot on the chart that suggests “Leaving the Monsters Behind”. The Top Ten is checking the sky for clouds as Tasha Taylor talks up her “Weatherman”, AP Mauro watches sunshine slip away in “You're A Rainmaker”, and John Doe is hoping to catch a “Drink of Water”. Carrie Rodriguez is set on spelling it out with “Z”, Nate Currin spits out “Another Love Song” while Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels take a pen to their resume with the claim “I’m a Woman”. River Drivers take the path down to history as they tell a tale of the troubles with “Cumann na Mban”. Eric Ambel re-reads the note that Gillian Welch penned to “Miss Ohio” with stark electric guitar backing on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, April 30, 2016.

01 Leaving The Monsters Behind - The Jayhawks (from the album Paging Mr. Proust) - Rather than showing any wear after three decades, the music of The Jayhawks musically takes flight to catch the first breeze of spring in “Leaving the Monsters Behind”. The tune heads a midnight San Francisco street on an assured Roots stomp that takes the track across the bridge.

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02 Weatherman - Tasha Taylor (from the album Honey for the Biscuit on Ruf Records) - Tasha Taylor knows that when storms rage on the inside she can count on her “Weatherman” for some sunshine. She recorded her recent release, Honey for the Biscuit, in Los Angeles for Euro-Roots label, Ruf Records. All trails lead back to Memphis with soulful Blues, and Tasha Taylor traces personal history back to Tennessee where her dad, Johnnie Taylor, recorded his Rhythm and Blues on the Stax label.

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03 Z - Carrie Rodriguez (from the album Lola ) - Carrie Rodriguez and her fiddle have logged in ‘14,000 miles in a month in a half setting the road on fire’. That is a lot of marquees and things happen. Carrie Rodriguez sings a spell check as she tries to ‘tell Country music where to put the “Z”’ from her latest album, Lola.

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04 Drink of Water - John Doe (from the album The Westerner) - John Doe is The Westerner on his recent release. He is looking for a “Drink of Water” that marries his Roots with pounding rock rhythms.

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05 I'm A Woman - Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels (from the album Come and Get It) - Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels walk a mighty Blues strut as the Queen lays claim to her title in “I’m a Woman”. She spells it shouting ‘w-o-m-a-n’ as Queen Delphine is carried in a ‘Blues ball of fire’.

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06 Miss Ohio - Eric Ambel (from the album Lakeside) - Eric Ambel tells the tale of “Miss Ohio” on a slow motion groove that unravels like the life of a young girl who ‘wants to do right just not right now’. Eric’s guitar spirals into Hendrix-style force on his take of the Gillian Welch tune is from his recent release, Lakeside.

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07 Another Love Song - Nate Currin (from the album The Madman and The Poet) - Nate Currin confesses over a dark rhythm that travels underneath “Another Love Song”. The track grows, building a power in the beat that threatens to explode on his recent release, The Madman and The Poet.

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08 Shattered Dreams - The Urban Voodoo Machine (from the album Hellbound Hymns) - A first listen to Urban Voodoo Machine could have you put the band into a Junkyard Blues category. The London-based outfit is much, much more. The collective is a bourbon-soaked gypsy blues bop’n’stroll with “Shattered Dreams”, from their latest release Hellbound Hymns.

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09 Cumann na Mban - River Drivers (from the single) - A group of women gathered at the Wynn Hotel, joined by the acceptance of freedom by any means necessary, including bearing arms. That meeting began Cumann na Mban, an Irish republican women's paramilitary organization formed in Dublin on April 2, 1914. River Drivers back the little known tale about the forming of the IRA with traditional Celtic music for their recent single release, “Cumann na Mban”.

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10 You're A Rainmaker - AP Mauro (single – due on May 13, 2016) - AP Mauro returns quickly with another album release, Rainmakers, due May 13, 2016. Guitar jangle leads AP into his roots with a story line that rides under western skies thick with dark clouds, singing to a lady spinning the weather in “You’re a Rainmaker”.

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